Phil Pennington

The Future for the Local Council



Over the last few years Devon County Council have taken little notice of this ward.

Decisions have been made without consultation with the community.

I will work to make sure the Bideford East Ward get its fair proportion of services in the next 4 years.

In serving Devon County Council (DCC) as your elected member I will bring these life experiences which provide insight and knowledge to this role.

Agriculture & tourism. This reflects the many changes in both industries so important to the Torridge economy; and considering the impact Brexit will bring to our area, an independent voice is needed.

Citizen Advice Bureau. Specialising in disability, sickness, terminal illness & carer issues. I was involved in setting up an outreach service at the Seamoor unit, funded by Macmillan Cancer at N.D.D.H to offer advice for those facing difficult times.

Torridge District Council representing the Monkleigh and Littleham ward.

Involvement in the local community in many and varied ways. Took particular interest is state education having been elected as a school governor on six occasions (incl. East the Water and Westcroft). I have served at various stages on all sub committees addressing curriculum, finance and property.

THE ISSUES - there are many:

  • - Local Authority Funding.
  • - Health and Social Care.
  • - Economy.
  • - Education.
  • - Highways.
  • - The disposal of landfill refuse
  • - The management of car parking on the streets in Bideford.

When looking across the County, particularly east Devon, Torridge has become a poor relation to the others.

Our roads are amongst the worst in Devon. Potholes, lack of maintenance, road closures and diversions have brought massive inconvenience to local residence and businesses alike.

Social care facilities are closed without consultation and without taking into consideration the impact on users and carers.

There needs to be far more collaboration between District and County Councils. As council tax payers, we demand a more common approach in delivering our services in more efficient ways.

Local communities need to be informed, local needs considered, and done in such a way that any actions are not swallowed up in red tape.

In serving as

your ELECTED MEMBER I would:

Bring a strong independent voice, free from the constraint of national party politics to achieve the best outcome for the ward. This election is about local, practical and everyday issues needing a pragmatic and common sense approach which unites and builds strength into communities.

Take a long term viewpoint. Whilst accepting there are financial pressures on services, making sure this ward gets a fair share of resources.

Be available as far as possible to address individual issues

Speak for our area to reduce differences in services so apparent across Devon